Friday, 14 July 2017

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Statistics 2017

Over 76 million blogs use That’s twice as many people as there are in Canada. And over 17 million websites in the entire internet are powered by WordPress.

Add the two up and it’s easy to see how WordPress dominates the internet with over 93 million websites and blogs. WordPress is the most popular content management system on the web.

If you’re a WordPress developer, you already know that WordPress is a great tool to use to build a website. But you might be wondering how your potential clients and fellow developers are using WordPress.

While you’re probably already familiar with the CMS, there might be some things about WordPress that you are yet not aware of. The following statistics on WordPress usage will shine a light on how popular the platform actually is and might give even hardened WordPress veterans reason to pause and say “Really?”

I collected the most outstanding and insane WordPress statistics in 2017 and compile this awesome list:

1. WordPress statistics in 2017

2. Wordpress Founding

3. Wordpress Powers Almost 27 Percent of The Entire Internet

4.  WordPress Sites Around the World Publish 24 Posts Per Second

5.  WordPress Sites Recieve 22.7 Billion Monthly Visits

6. WordPress Blog Receive Around 46.6 Billion Comments

7.  Global Monthly Searches For Wordpress

8. Wordpress 4.6 Has Been Downloaded 21.7 Million Times

9. 40 % of Wordpress Sites are Up to Date

10. 72 Translations of Wordpress

11.  Wordpress Plugins

12.  25 % of Wordpress User Make a full-time Living Off the CMS

13.  Looking For Wordpress Development Company For Your Next Project?

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